Hi my name is TX GXLD pronounced [TEXAS GOLD] 

I am a singer/songwriter from the great state of Texas. As for my style, I like to say I deliver what the late great Chad Butler coined "Country Rap Tunes".  I love to perform my up tempo with a feel good vibe original works that people can sing along to. I will cover a wide range from smooth r&b, soulful oldies, funk hits, a little 90's rock and alternative music, as well as popular rap and hiphop music. I love to jam and keep the crowd moving. I've got a nice smooth set for the calmer crowds as well. Neo Soul and Jazz vibes for cocktail hour and your quieter events.

I'm your performer for hire. If you would love to have me for your next event/party/festival or whatever you have going on, I would love to be there. It would be my honor to be your entertainment for the evening.

As a matter of fact, my booking and contact information is right there at the bottom of this page. On your way down there...you'll see a bit of my material. Feel free to click on a song or video and sing along if you know the words. I'd love to chat with you more about performing at your next event.




🎵Listen to TX GXLD: 



To book me TX GXLD for your next event & for serious business inquiries contact me info below:

Email: connect@gxldfashion.com | Phone: (254)280-2755