A Word For You!


I’ve been putting a lot of thought into this subject. I require this of myself although I also believe it is owed to my loyal supporters; future, past, and present.

There’s a question that I have been overlooking the answer to, for quite some time, since I started my journey with GXLD LLC. Actually, two questions in particular. With the statements made in this document I, TX GXLD, intend to answer those two questions for anyone asking or who may ever ask. First and foremost let’s identify these two major questions. 

  1. Why should you or anyone support my business? 
  2. What sets my business apart from any other business in my industry?

As I mentioned earlier the answers to these questions escaped me for a while. I was overwhelmed for a bit by the daunting WHY in question one and I overthought the answer to question two. After months of meditation and reflection, I have finally arrived at my true WHY and What! So without further delay allow me to answer these two questions once and for all. 

Q: Why should you support GXLDfashion.com? 

A: Ironically, my answer to question number two is the very reason you should support GXLDfashion.com. In favor of simplifying this answer though, put simply, GXLDfashion.com is not just my business it is your business too. I know you’re thinking, how is my business your business? I’ll break that down for you by answering the second major question.

Q: What sets my business apart from any other business in my industry?

A: Well, the fashion industry takes so much from the people. Rarely do they give back in a meaningful way that truly impacts our communities. GXLDfashion.com PAYS YOU TO PURCHASE OUR BRAND!!! Sure, GXLD is a black-owned business. Yeah, the owner and CEO is a musician by the name of TX GXLD. True, the owner is a family man as well as a Creator, Designer, and so much more. The products are absolutely top-notch quality and worth every penny. But GXLD is for the people! We make our supporters the winners. Our affiliate program is one of the greatest in the world. 10% of every purchase made using your affiliate link goes into your pocket. This is perfect for today's economy  when the designer you’re rocking actually pays you. Especially if you are already an influencer. Just keep doing you and when people shop using your link the money will pile.

You might say “10% sounds so small!” until somebody purchases a pair of Bunnies through your link and that $200+ hits your account. I’m just saying. Get Paid WITH GXLD. 

With your support and the talent here at GXLDfashion.com we'll only get greater!